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 Why Use An Auction


Auctions are considered to be one of the cleanest methods of conveying goods to consumers. Auctions have been used by people going back in history, beyond memory. The reason, they work and they solve all the tricky needs of an estate.

A properly done auction brings together a strong blend of dealers and retail buyers, causing prices to rise to their highest possible levels.

An auction can dispose of every item within an estate.

Disputes between heirs can be easily settled by each heir bidding on what they would like, knowing the funds will then be distributed back to all the heirs.


When People select the auction route; What do they expect?

They expect to see a rapid way to convert their assets into cash for the highest fair market value in an organized, systematic fashion. They further anticipate a custom design marketing and advertising program tailored to their unique situational needs. A marketing format that will result in the largest exposure of their assets to ready, willing and able buyers in a open and competitive market place, with a minimal amount of frustration, or personal time commitment.


What guarantees come with an auction?

With an experienced auction firm you can expect the following:

1. The auction will be properly marketed and advertised which will result in the highest fair market value.

2. The assets will be sold to the largest audience of ready willing and able buyers.

3. That the seller will receive their cash in an expedient manner as agreed upon in the written plan and auction agreement.

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